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IRentToOwn.com is a place to find properties with creative financing opportunities (owner financed, rent-to-own). Very cool concept given today’s lending climate.

Zack's scores
Design: 6
Functionality: 6
Content: 7
Originality: 8
Overal score: 6.75
Has future? yes
Mike's scores
Design: 9
Functionality: 7
Content: 4
Originality: 8
Overal score:7
Has future?yes

In their own words:

iRentToOwn.com is the nation’s leading informational resource for the rent to own homes industry. With iRentToOwn.com, you can learn about the rent to own concept, search through a large nationwide selection of affordable properties, and connect with a reputable credit consultants that can assist you along the Smart Path to Homeownership. Structured correctly, rent to own houses enable buyers to invest in their homes by turning lease payments into equity ownership. However, structured incorrectly, rent to own homes can result in a poor financial outcome for the tenant. iRentToOwn.com is a great resource for consumers that would like to learn more about rent to own real estate. We have thousands of registered users that visit our site daily to read articles about rent to own homes and view the latest affordable homes available in their local market. iRentToOwn.com is a small company and lacks the resources to coordinate and monitor each deal, so tenant-buyers are encouraged to work directly with the landlord-sellers regarding the details of the transaction. At iRentToOwn.com, aspiring homeowners can learn about the concept of Rent To Own homes, search for affordable properties, download a free credit report and speak with an experienced credit consultant about raising their FICO enough to qualify for a home mortgage. Rent to buy is not for everyone. A rent to own house is only recommended for tenants that can realistically qualify for a mortgage during the rental period. If not, the rent to own contract will allow the landlord to keep the original down payment and accumulated rent credits. iRentToOwn.com serves as a great introductory guide to rent2buy real estate. A rent to own home can be the Smart Path to Homeownership when traditional financing options are unavailable. Enjoy your visit to iRentToOwn.com and please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the website.

Zack’s take:

Ok, I happen to know these guys and that’s why they are the first site we are reviewing. Regardless, I think this is an awesome concept, still pretty unique and this site will continue to grow until everybody and their brother starts a rent-to-own site.

Mike’s take:

The web 2.0 cartoonish look is really cool. At first glance this website looks like it will be fun. The overall concept, which is the important part is good also. There appears to be a large need on the Internet for these Rent To Own Listings. I can see a lot of competition cropping up for them. Let’s see how they can handle that. As a start they are the Google go to site for Rent To Own. I think this will be a niche that keeps on giving for many years. I wish I would have thought of this idea first!

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